Designs, develops and manufactures systems and solutions for the landing of rotary wing aircraft.

HELIPAD INDUSTRIES supplies a complete range of products and services for heliports, helipads and airport. It satisfies any kind of needs, ensuring all the necessary solutions for the realization and management of aeronautical infrastructures.

Thanks to a careful research and innovation policy, it has managed to grow and rapidly develop a wide range of products and services.

HELIPAD INDUSTRIES vision is to be and remain competitive in a constantly moving market, being recognized as a leading and constantly growing company in the aviation market, building value for our shareholders, customers and employes.

From the very beginning, the mission of the company was clear and precise: Offers to the world of aviation unique products and unique services perfectly suiting Customers needs.

We’ve pursued this ambitious goal by the use of innovative products, technologies and researches.

This is demonstrated by the consolidated commercial relationships established with the main helicopter manufacturers such Finmeccanica Companies Agusta Westand and Alenia Aermacchi, aircraft operators such Inaer Aviation and oil&gas company such ENI, Edison and Total.


Integrity, Quality, Commitment and Innovation are for us not only the base of our work but the ideals that inspire our daily activity. We not only manufacture products and systems: we innovate, we research, we refine them to create what our customers really need.


A high quality company can exist as it has high quality human resources. For this reason HELIPAD INDUSTRIES takes advantage of a highly professional staff well aligned with the company core values: Integrity, Quality, Commitment and Innovation.


Since its founding, the company has managed to evolve with technology and exclusive amenities and adapted to the changing needs of its customers. This is demonstrated by the consolidated business relationships with aircraft manufacturers such as Agusta Westland and Alenia Aermacchi, with aircraft operators which Inaer Oil Company as well as Eni and Edison.