helicopter landing system


The use of helicopters as a mean of transport in medium and long distances is becoming more and more urgent in several parts of the world and mainly in the industrial and oil fields.

The use of helicopters is nonetheless limited by the lack of infrastructures as heliports and helipads that can guarantee high safety standards.

Since the beginning of helicopter operations, users have been plagued by accidents due to FOD even if helicopters could land everywhere. Burocracy and environmental issues have slowed down the development of this kind of infrastructures.

HeliNest® is the answer. It is a modular helicopter landing system projected, designed and implemented by Elisicilia thanks to its know-how in the field of helicopter transport.


HeliNest® is a modular landing system for helicopters that gives the possibility, in a few days and with the aid of a few skilled workers, to develop rigid continuous surfaces suitable as helipads.

HeliNest® stems from the words “Helicopter” and “Nest” to show how safe the system is for the landing, the stop and the take-off of helicopters.

HeliNest® is a great alternative to concrete or asphalt and it is specifically designed for soil applications.


HeliNest® system guarantees the customer a complete control: with the “TURNKEY SOLUTION”, HeliNest® helipad will be transported, assembled and tested locally by our skilled and professional working staff. With the “PREFABRICATED KIT” solution, we deliver to our clients the pre-packaged elements to be then assembled following the instruction manual made of text and pictures. This is definitely a money-saving solution. A team of technicians and engineers at HELIPAD INDUSTRIES is at your complete disposal for any kind of after sale support and supervision. Within 3-4 weeks time, your helipad HeliNest® will be ready to operate. It fully complies with all operational safety certifications.


  • HeliNest® can be installed on any kind of terrain after a simple leveling and compaction, if necessary.
  • HeliNest® can have different shapes and dimensions. It can be personalized in color according to specific need of the customer.
  • Scalable and accessorized according to the changing needs of the client.
  • Removable and portable for relocation or temporary use so to allow customers to maximize their investment.
  • 10-year warranty.


Le elisuperfici HeliNest® possono essere equipaggiate con diversi sistemi ed impianti a corredo:

  • Fire fighting equipements
  • Night lighting systems
  • Daily signage
  • Generator sets
  • Refueling systems JET A1
  • Helipad Network System
  • Control Tower

All systems comply with national and international regulations and ICAO Annex 14.


HeliNest® has been designed according to the Heliport Manual ICAO, with reference to the helicopter category 4 with a maximum weight of 13.500 kg.

HeliNest® and its accessories fully comply with the following international regulations and standards:

  • ICAO Doc 9261 – AN/903 Heliport Manual
  • ICAO Annex 14 Vol. II – Helport
  • CAP 437 – Offshore Helicopter Landing Area – Guidance
  • FAA AC No: 150/5390-2B – Heliport Design